StoneRider (USA) – addition to our roster

We are very proud to present you the newest addition to our roster!
 out of Atlanta, Georgia, are a psychedelic rock band who has toured all over our continent a few years back together with the band EUROPE

Since their beginning in 2007 the band has released two highly acclaimed albums. On their new album, ‘Hologram’, which will be released in spring 2016, we find a band holding themselves to higher standards of song craft, storytelling, performing and arranging. The songs are both lush and economical, propelled forward in no small part by an expanded lineup who excels at live performance.

Charlie Starr, lead singer and guitarist for Blackberry Smoke nicely summed up the band:
”StoneRider comes equipped with a little swirling trippery, some bombastic riffage and just a taste of cosmic harmony all stirred in a southern stewpot.”

StoneRider will tour all over Europe during September/October 2016. More updates on this site soon.